Captain Mark Phillips is your “Boat Guy” – Come see him at the Palm Beach Boat show 2013–has-arrived-this-weekend-at-the-Palm-Beach-Boat-Show-2013–.html?soid=1108762609611&aid=Bj9NDVDOqPM.


Mark Phillips has access to the most beautiful, radical motor-yachts you will ever lay your eyes on!!!!    

In the marine industry there are loads of sharks that love to ” sucker punching” buyers to purchase the wrong boat. It nice to know Mark Phillips has an impeccable proven track record of satisfied and loyal customers.

A former Royal Marine Commando , Mark Phillips has 30 years of experience and knows his way around ships and luxury yachts as a Captain and a Yacht Broker; so you can be sure Mark Phillips will go the extra mile to make sure you have your DREABOAT!!!


for more information


Always Exquisite, Inc- Olivia Wolff- Publicist


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