Always Exquisite, Inc. proudly presents the ” New Gold Standard South Of Fifth”: Gold And Pepper Italian Cuisine | PRLog

There Is A New Gold Standard South Of Fifth: Gold And Pepper Italian Cuisine | PRLog.

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Gold & Pepper is a very attractive and modern Italian restaurant, located at 101 Washington Avenue in Miami Beach.  The stylish décor with mid century accents and the sexy vibe creates a luxurious experience, seating comfortably 32 cover in a cozy yet vibrant ambiance.

Chef Andrea Chiriatti prides itself on his menu being organic and  fresh : All ingredients used in this go-green restaurant are sourced from the area’s surrounding fields, farms and markets and prepared in a simple manner to satisfy their customers:  Chef Andrea Chiriatti boasts a seasonal inspired menus and an impressive selection of exclusive wines sure to please your palate,





Featuring spectacular savory Italian signature dishes: his Raviolo of wheat bran  with ricotta cheese, spinach and 23 carat gold, goat butter and seasoned parmesan accompanied with cherry tomatoes make this spot a celebrity magnet.  All pastas, sauces and soups are made from scratch as we watched the chef at his pasta machine. Breads are freshly bakedwith an exceptional assortment of dessert and Italian coffee. G&P is a not-to-miss restaurant for Italian food lovers; Diners will enjoy. Perfect for business meeting or just to enjoy friends.



*Editor’s Note: For more information about the restaurant, the chef, and/or its owners, please contact Olivia Wolff at or at 305.807.8867







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