Celebrated Brazilian Artist Henrique Souza Opens The Much Anticipated “House of Art” | PRLog

Celebrated Brazilian Artist Henrique Souza Opens The Much Anticipated “House of Art” | PRLog.




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Conceptual Artist and Photographer Henrique Souza will be unveiling to South Florida his newest project “House of Art”, located at 415 NW 26th Street. This gallery and working studio will feature local and international artists.

A native of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Henrique Souza left his native homeland, in 2000, for the bright lights of New York City. Armed with his Fashion Photographer’s Portfolio, $250.00 dollars, and a friend’s address, he began his new life. He work diligently, and in 2003 he was invited to participate in the Fire Island Pines Bi-Annual Show. The rest, is as they say, history. Featured in Art Basel Miami for the past few years, this young man knows what it is to come up through the ranks. Although his journey has had its hard times, Henrique feels very honored and privileged. He is very grateful to all who have inspired and helped him along the way.

The Souza House of Art is dedicated to that spirit of success. The concept is to have a space where talented Artists can feature their work. The gallery will feature different exhibits, as well as “works in progress”. The usage of reclaimed items for the creation of art is encouraged. The concept of affordable art is also part of the creative philosophy.

Inspired by a range of modern predecessors, including Salvador Dali, Henrique Souza’s photographic style incorporates and explores an arrange of mixed medias and elements. Photographs printed on sheets of commercial lucite and aluminum are incorporated. An interesting blend of Industrial and organic elements are significant to his creations. His work expresses the dichotomy of our modern industrial, time drive lives, alongside our humanity. Intimacy, the need for personal space, curiosity, and the mischievous nature of man is also echoed, as seen in his show “Guess Who’s Looking-Pool Peep Shots”.

Miami will be the host of the hottest new gallery, and the future Art Masters of the new century… Souza House of Art.

For more information see…HenriqueSouza.com…and Welcome!


A private preview of “Luminescence en l’ art” Thursday, 4th October

Champagne Vernissage of “luminescence en l’ art” By Linda Naili


 Miami Beach-Thursday, October 4th 2012 -Always Exquisite, Inc hosted a private champagne reception Vernissage at Villa Toscana  featuring  “luminescence en l’ art” By Linda Naili.
 Canapes, Champagne and signature cocktails courtesy of

The exhibition begins  as Linda curates her latest collection in her home Villa Toscana..

Influenced  by French impressionist painter Claude Monet, Linda’s rhythmic patterns of brushstrokes in her latest collection“luminescence en l’ art” record fleeting impressions of light and color across the landscapes  of her combined home towns of Paris, Monte Carlo, Ibiza &  now Miami Beach ,while retaining the integrity of the monumental structure. Linda’s observing, contemplating, and rendering what she sees around her and how she interprets it on canvas using aggressively rendered with broad brushwork and unusual color combinations,Her paintings attesting to the modernity of Monet’s expanded vision.

click on this link to view her latest collection :

“luminescence en l’ art” By Linda Naili

Linda Naili was born to a father of Indian & Persian origin and her mother’s Italian. Since a child she has sought to capture the essence of her Mediterranean culture & its flavor which grew to become a source of great inspiration. She herself is a person of deep humility and her focus to her passion for animals and painting has no other course but more one of purpose.
 Linda’s work reflects ” La douceur de vie” of The South of France, St Tropez and Monte Carlo in her latest series of paintings to be unveiled during the ART WEEK 2012 In Miami Beach.
Linda wanted her works to serve as a “haven of peaceful meditation,” believing that her paintings would soothe and let the eye gaze in peace.
Other elements of Linda’s inspiration are based on her passion for the universe, astronomy and aero physics… her mind captivated by the stars and the energy that result in a fusion of materials in the universe. Constant motion  previals “The planets, stars at the end of life and the colors that appear when a star dies fascinates me “Says Linda. ” I read many books on quantum physics and materials found in the universe…The colors of my painting evoke the mixture of these elements, the matching of Helium, Hydrogen and Methane. The tracks of asteroids and shooting stars that disappear into the ocean, their adventures in the Milky Way excite and inspire me”.
She painted a series in homage of Monet and has been well receive here and received request from several well known galleries thought out Europe, and the states.
Her latest paintings, acrylic on large scale fine Italian leather, designed to fill the walls of a special space for the canvases in the museum are limited editions and have been valued staring at $40,000.
When you see her work you will wonder how such beauty flows from the brush with magnificent outcome. Be prepared to fall in love with her paintings and realize that a great talent has arrived.

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