Always Exquisite
Miami Beacj

Bio: Hi my name is Olivia Wolff ... I am the founder /CEO of ALWAYS EXQUISITE, INC with over 30 years of experience in the media industry Proven track-record of generating new business through strategic negotiation while cultivating new relationships with key decision makers. Vast experience in event production, publicity and marketing. Extensive knowledge of the luxury industry and superior understanding of the trends. Strong experience acquired in luxury across many product categories: Including fashion, lifestyle, travel and real estate. We help companies increase their revenue and strengthen their brand by integrating their online and offline marketing efforts. Our specialty are Creation of signature events and personalized marketing campaign "A full set of image-booster services to generate a proactive impact on sales and on your brand image. Promotion of strategic alliances with sponsors to obtain a synergy that maximizes media coverage and public exposure. Capacity to place your products in prestigious locations and increase brand visibility by negotiating access to a large,upscale audience. Leverages strong, long standing relationship to reach any target market your products to a selected audience, create excitement around your products and generate consumer loyalty. Our clients include the real housewife of Miami Adriana dew Moura, Award winning actress Carolina Lizarazo, Celebrity designer Tanya-Marie to name a few

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