Lampidis Cancer Foundation Annual Fundraiser

Lampidis Cancer Foundation Annual Fundraiser.

Listen Live at 3:00pm Tomorrow
Tues February 3
 on 880TheBiz
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in South Florida 
An exclusive interview with
Dr. Ted Lampidis- A world leading authority on glucose metabolism and its effect on cancerous tumors.
Dr. Theodore Lampidis based at the University of Miami’s renowned Miller School of Medicine is a world leading authority on glucose metabolism and its effect on cancerous tumors. The National Cancer Institute has stated in their reviews of his research that “Dr. Lampidis’ work could eventually lead to cures in certain cancers.”
Although his work has been fully funded by National Cancer Institute grants for more than 30 years, due to federal budget cuts, as well as the nature of the drug he is working on (which cannot be patented), a group of volunteers has joined to form the Lampidis Cancer Foundation with the sole purpose of supporting his groundbreaking research.
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The program hosts are Nora Adler and Jesse Stolow.

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La Fundación Lampidis auspició el evento ‘Feed a fever a stave tumor’ –

La investigación del Dr. Lampidis «se basa en los siguientes hechos: Los tumores sólidos (carcinomas) se componen de células de crecimiento lento y de rápido crecimiento. Aunque la quimioterapia estándar ataca todas las células en división rápida, que no es, por desgracia, distinguir entre células normales y cancerosas. Tampoco efectivamente atacar a los de lento crecimiento, células que se encuentran dentro de los tumores sólidos que son difíciles de tratar y contribuir al nuevo crecimiento del tumor así como a la metástasis. Afortunadamente, sin embargo, de crecimiento lento, las células tumorales tienen suministro inadecuado de sangre y por lo tanto bajo nivel de oxígeno (hipoxia), de modo que no pueden metabolizar el azúcar de manera eficiente. Esto significa que deben utilizar mucho más azúcar que las células normales para obtener la energía que necesitan para sobrevivir, un proceso conocido como glicólisis.

¡Eureka! Dr. Lampidis la hipótesis de que podría “engañar” a las células tumorales hipóxicas por la alimentación de los “falsos” los azúcares, tales como 2-DG (2-desoxiglucosa), para evitar que se metabolizan el azúcar real que necesitan para sobrevivir. Debido a que no tiene el oxígeno necesario para utilizar las grasas y las proteínas como fuentes alternativas de energía, literalmente “matar de hambre a la muerte.” Mientras tanto, las células normales sobreviviría porque hacen metabolizar estas fuentes alternas (pensar la dieta de Atkins, en la que cuando reducir la ingesta de hidratos de carbono [azúcar] en su lugar, quemar grasas y proteínas)!

Necesidad de apoyo filantrópico

Durante más de treinta años, el Dr. Lampidis con fondos federales (NIH) subvenciones ha centrado su investigación en la forma de tratar mejor el cáncer y para los últimos trece años en el metabolismo de la glucosa tumor con un propósito único que él describe: Estoy convencido de que la principios bioquímicos en la base de nuestro trabajo son tan fundamentales como la gravedad. Por eso creo que investigar el metabolismo del tumor en general y el metabolismo de la glucosa, en particular, dará lugar a avances significativos y reales en la lucha que todos de una manera u otra cara en la lucha contra esta devastadora enfermedad.

Sobre la base de la disminución de los fondos federales, el Dr. Lampidis ya no pueden confiar en los NIH para mantener su investigación avanza. Además, su trabajo ha llegado a un punto en el que más se necesitan fondos para llevar su tecnología desde el laboratorio a la clínica. Al igual que con la mayoría de los esfuerzos importantes, se necesita el esfuerzo colectivo de un grupo diversificado de las personas (no sólo el autor) para traer una idea médica hasta el final a la práctica clínica real, ya que hay muchos obstáculos que superar.

La Fundación Lampidis auspició el evento ‘Feed a fever a stave tumor’ –

A private preview of “Luminescence en l’ art” Thursday, 4th October

Champagne Vernissage of “luminescence en l’ art” By Linda Naili


 Miami Beach-Thursday, October 4th 2012 -Always Exquisite, Inc hosted a private champagne reception Vernissage at Villa Toscana  featuring  “luminescence en l’ art” By Linda Naili.
 Canapes, Champagne and signature cocktails courtesy of

The exhibition begins  as Linda curates her latest collection in her home Villa Toscana..

Influenced  by French impressionist painter Claude Monet, Linda’s rhythmic patterns of brushstrokes in her latest collection“luminescence en l’ art” record fleeting impressions of light and color across the landscapes  of her combined home towns of Paris, Monte Carlo, Ibiza &  now Miami Beach ,while retaining the integrity of the monumental structure. Linda’s observing, contemplating, and rendering what she sees around her and how she interprets it on canvas using aggressively rendered with broad brushwork and unusual color combinations,Her paintings attesting to the modernity of Monet’s expanded vision.

click on this link to view her latest collection :

“luminescence en l’ art” By Linda Naili

Linda Naili was born to a father of Indian & Persian origin and her mother’s Italian. Since a child she has sought to capture the essence of her Mediterranean culture & its flavor which grew to become a source of great inspiration. She herself is a person of deep humility and her focus to her passion for animals and painting has no other course but more one of purpose.
 Linda’s work reflects ” La douceur de vie” of The South of France, St Tropez and Monte Carlo in her latest series of paintings to be unveiled during the ART WEEK 2012 In Miami Beach.
Linda wanted her works to serve as a “haven of peaceful meditation,” believing that her paintings would soothe and let the eye gaze in peace.
Other elements of Linda’s inspiration are based on her passion for the universe, astronomy and aero physics… her mind captivated by the stars and the energy that result in a fusion of materials in the universe. Constant motion  previals “The planets, stars at the end of life and the colors that appear when a star dies fascinates me “Says Linda. ” I read many books on quantum physics and materials found in the universe…The colors of my painting evoke the mixture of these elements, the matching of Helium, Hydrogen and Methane. The tracks of asteroids and shooting stars that disappear into the ocean, their adventures in the Milky Way excite and inspire me”.
She painted a series in homage of Monet and has been well receive here and received request from several well known galleries thought out Europe, and the states.
Her latest paintings, acrylic on large scale fine Italian leather, designed to fill the walls of a special space for the canvases in the museum are limited editions and have been valued staring at $40,000.
When you see her work you will wonder how such beauty flows from the brush with magnificent outcome. Be prepared to fall in love with her paintings and realize that a great talent has arrived.

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Vanidades, Poder Magazine and Media Force Communications welcome the glamourous RHOM Adriana De Moura to the HLS 2012 panel this Thursday @Turnberry Isle




The Hispana Leadership Summit returns for its 7th year!
Vanidades and PODER Hispanic magazines, along with State Farm are continuing the HLS tradition of offering Top Latinas from around the country an exciting 3-day conference filled with informative sessions, workshops,
dynamic speakers, panelists and guests. This year’s summit will be hosted by Univision’s Ilia Calderón!

  •  Three days of personal, professional & leadership development.
  •  Engaging interactive networking opportunities.
  •  Make meaningful connections that will last a lifetime

September 20-22, 2012 at TURNBERRY ISLE MIAMI | 19999 West Country Club Drive | Aventura, Florida 33180

Adriana De Moura is an Brazilian model and reality television star who has a net worth $10 million dollars. Adriana De Moura rose to fame as one of the cast members of Bravo’s wildly popular reality show The Real Housewives of Miami where she is one of the original cast members. In addition to appearing on Real Housewives, Adriana De Moura is an successful art dealer specializing in Brazilian heritage. De Moura was exposed to art while attending Sorbonne University in Paris, France. Since then she has visited museums in more than forty countries around the world. Since joining the cast of “The Real Housewives of Miami” Adriana has appeared on numerous press outlets including the covers of The Miami Herald, Us Weekly, Ocean Drive and Life & Style. Adriana recently completed a somewhat messy divorce that involved the custody of her son Alexandre

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